Body Painting Camouflage in Israel .

This is a 2017-2018 calander 

but the images are still amazing 


Calendar 2017/18


    Include 14 Body Painting Camouflage from Israel

    In April, the 31-year-old from Israel, who has lived in Florida since 2008, returned for a 24-day visit to Israel to create a new project he hopes will go global. The 14-location calendar shoot around the country shows off Israeli landmarks and picturesque sites.

    “I do a lot of camouflage body painting in the US. For me, Israel is strong and powerful in my heart and it was very powerful to do my body painting here,” Ram tells  “It was very important for me to inspire a lot of people with my art from the most beautiful places in Israel.”

    Ram’s three-week stint in Israel took him around the country, shooting models camouflaged into the backdrop of Israeli landmarks including the Dead Sea, Arches Beach in Caesarea, Western Wall, the Tower of David MuseumBeit Guvrin-Maresha National Park and the Jaffa clock tower, among other sites.

    “Israel is very dry and there are a lot of browns and dark greens. I tried to find locations that won’t look the same,” he says. “I tried to make each picture different.”

    His goal is to create a calendar for 2018 comprising the photos he took around Israel.