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Project Proposal

Promote your location\ area in a UNIQUE way

Body Painting Camouflage Illusion

About the project

Body painting illusion in the most iconic locations will bring more attention then you would ever imagine. Avi will be body painting model(s) in each location to blend in to nature.

Then with the help of his team, we will create a unique storytelling promotion video that will blow people mind


Each location will be an individual episode showcasing the journey, planning, body painting process and people reactions. All while highlighting information about the location and most important promoting tourists and traffic.

Barcelona, Spain

What's involved

Each location involves extensive planning to create a unique and memorable mind-blowing video that will promote the area. Each location will have between 1 to 5 models body painted by Avi Ram to blend in a unique way into the location plus a videographer crew to make the magic come to life.

What will you get

Social media content and promotion- Each location will be documented as a show

  • 30 seconds to 1 minute behind the scenes video

Teaser video of body painting process without revealing the final result. The goal is to make the audience curious and looking forward to the result of the body painting illusion.


  • 30 seconds to 1 minute promotional video

Final result with promotion the specific location


  • Full 3-5 minute episode video

Information about the specific location, journey, planning, challenges, body painting process, final result and most importantly, promoting the location

  • Promotion on all of our social media platforms - Verified Instagram, Facebook TikTok, and YouTube 

  • Social media boost - the goal is tp reach as many viewer 

high resolution image and interactive art-

Present the final image in a UNIQUE way

The art will come to life using the app "Artivive"

Download the app 
try it on the pictures

westen wall (Medium).jpg
cesaria (Medium).jpg
Contact us for more info and pricing
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