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Hidden In Plain Sight

  Discover the world in a very UNIQUE way   

About the project

  • This project will showcase the unique beauty of your destination through body painting camouflage.

  • World renowned artist, Avi Ram, will paint models to blend seamlessly into the breathtaking landscapes and destinations creating stunning living art installations.

  • The project will be part of an online show called “Hidden In Plain Sight” creating visually stunning content that promotes tourism, destination and attractions.

Arc de Triomf, Barcelona, Spain

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  • Content Creation: The project will generate a series of high-quality images, videos, and behind-the-scenes content, showcasing the transformation of models into works of art while immersing them in landscapes and cultural experiences.

  • Promoting Tourism: Alongside the artistic content, each episode will provide practical tourist information, such as accommodations, local cuisine, transportation, and must-visit attractions, seamlessly blending tourism promotion with artistic expression.

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Hillsboro LightHouse, Florida

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What's involved

  • Each destination involves extensive planning to create a unique and memorable mind-blowing video that will promote the destination.

  • Each episode includes 2 body painting locations that are related to the destination.

  • The crew will include 2 to 4 models, videographer, editor and handlers to make the magic come to life.

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Flamingo Gardens, Davie, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

What will you get

1- Social media content

Each destination will include:

-Full “Hidden in plain Sight” episode -   5-6 minute long.

-2 Reels\ Shorts for social media.

-Highlight Clips

-Each video will include information for Tourism, Destination and Body painting


2-High Resolution images

Each destination will include

high resolution pictures of the final results

and behind the scenes pictures.

David Museum, Jerusalem, Israel


The content will be shared on all Avi Ram’s, Airbrush Hero social media and boost (paid ads)

Verified Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat and X (Twitter).


My latest destination for Visit Lauderdale

went viral with over 100 million views and its still going.


Cost per Destination \ Episode: $18,000
What is included




•Videographer / Editing Crew / Equipment






•Per diem


•Social media content

•social media posts and boosting

•High resolution pictures

We recommend multiple destinations / episodes

to create the best promotional content for increasing awareness and tourism for your destination.

Airbrush Hero by Avi Ram
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