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Doggie Day Care, Wilton Manors

Paws and Colors: Bringing Canine Joy to Wilton Manors Doggie Day Care


Avi Ram, a local artist created a vibran masterpiece In the heart of Wilton Manors, transforming the walls of the local Doggie Day Care into a kaleidoscope of canine delight.

creating a wall mural that not only reflects the spirit of the dog-loving community but also serves as a visual testament to the joy found within those walls.

The central focus of the mural is a stunning interpretation of the Doggie Day Care's logo, brought to life with a burst of vivid colors. The logo, a symbol of the care and love provided to the furry clients, takes on a new dimension as it dances across the walls in an abstract form.

The use of vibrant hues not only captures attention but also resonates with the energetic and lively atmosphere of the daycare.

The choice of an abstract shape adds an element of intrigue to the mural. It's not just a representation; it's a visual journey that invites onlookers to interpret the artwork in their own way. The dynamic lines and bold strokes create a striking look that mirrors the dynamic and playful nature of the dogs within.

The mural becomes more than just a decorative piece; it becomes a part of the Doggie Day Care experience, setting the tone for joy and excitement from the moment one walks through the door.


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Airbrush Hero by Avi Ram
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